Business and Commercial Law


Business and Commercial law

The Firm has vast experience in dealing with business and commercial matters on behalf of clients. We ourselves are a business and are fully aware of the issues which can arise in day to day business and commercial transactions or relationships.

We have acted for a number of large corporate clients for many years and we have built up a sustained relationship with these entities in order to advise them on all of their legal issues. In our experience, taking an interest in and gaining a good knowledge of the nature of our client’s business puts us in a unique position to fully advise that business on all its legal issues.

The Firm has acted on behalf of one of the largest Co-Operative Societies in the Country since it was first formed in the early 1970s.

Business & Commercial

Our advice extends to include the following areas:

  • Incorporating a Company
  • Forming a Partnership and drafting the relevant Partnership Agreement and advising Partners on all aspects of Partnerships
  • Advising on the best structure to set up a business as either a Company, Partnership or Sole Trader
  • Acquiring or disposing of a Company or a Company’s assets including:-
    • Buying and selling a business and advising on the correct structures and advantages and disadvantages of each structure, to include non-compete clauses;
    • Advising as to whether such sales should proceed by way of a purchase of the shares in the Company or a purchase of the Company’s assets and the advantages and disadvantages of both structures.
  • Share Purchase/Sale Agreements
  • Shareholder’s Agreements (between the individual shareholders of a Company)
  • Advising the Officers of a Company on their respective duties, roles and responsibilities;
  • Commercial borrowing including:-
    • Advising on all aspects of borrowing by Companies and compliance with regulatory requirements;
    • Advising on the different charges that can be created by the Company and negotiating with the Company’s lenders in respect of the security to be furnished.